Lebowski Bash Date is Set


April 9, 2008 by jaymac4

2370679632_3dac80ff3c_o I know I know, things have been a little confusing the past little while as dates have changed but don’t fret Houston very’s first Lebowski Bash is now set in stone. The new date is Saturday June 21st and it will be held at Houston’s newest coolest spot in town – Caroline Collective. Map to Caroline Collective

The reason for all these changes in venue and date to bring you, the Little Lebowski Urban Achievers, a FREE event. A big thanks to the great folks at Caroline Collective for being very ‘Dude.’

So what can you expect at this FREE event?

It’s going to be a veritable cornucopia of goodness. A ‘horn of plenty’ of good time, if you will.

We are going to have live music, a screening of the movie, local DJs and a host of other visual and aural pleasures. We will have costume and trivia questions and local shops selling some of your favourite and off beat things you come to know and love about Houston. If you don’t know about them well come on out and see what you’ve been missing.

Vendors interested in space please email me here

Where are the Caucasians?

Tito literI know what you’re thinking – “but the Dude likes Caucasians” How right you are and I am pleased to announce that the vodka gods at Austin’s very own Tito’s have agreed to be a sponsor for our little shindig. So bring your A game cause you are going to need it.

Stay tuned for more information or subscribe to the Lebowski Bash RSS Feed

Please drink responsibly.


2 thoughts on “Lebowski Bash Date is Set

  1. Dude, this sounds like a pretty righteous event. Is there anything we can do to help advertise for you? Send me an email if you’d like us to do anything.

    Lebowski Podcast

  2. katie says:


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