The Tontons Set to Play Lebowski Bash


June 4, 2008 by jaymac4

tontonsThe Tontons, one of Houston’s best kept secrets that is set to explode, are confirmed to play Houston’s Lebowski Bash and I’m sure the Dude would abide.

The Tontons described as ‘A reckless blend of rock and psychedelic blues has given birth to a new sound’ by SXSW will play an exciting set of original songs plus I am told by, a very reliable source, that there are some surprises in store for us achievers.

Check out their MySpace page. I know big things are in store for the Tontons, you can’t have that much talent that goes unchecked

Photo courtesy of Mark C Austin


3 thoughts on “The Tontons Set to Play Lebowski Bash

  1. Yay!@ Ton Tons! This party is brewing up like the Perfect Storm. Now if we can just ban photography from the event, I can get loose.

  2. jaymac4 says:


    I can’t wait to see Flickr photos and YouTube video of you getting down.

    Might I suggest you wear a long black strip across your eyes, like in an evidence tape

  3. Congrats on the band. I’m listening to their stuff on myspace as I type. Good stuff.

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